Welcome to Midwest Horseshoeing School

Welcome To Midwest Horseshoeing School

Midwest Horseshoeing School was established in 1964 to fulfill the demand for skilled, competent, well-educated farriers. For 50 years, we have routinely graduated students who are knowledgeable in the science of farriery and are prepared to launch and maintain their own client base.

Located 10 miles south of Springfield, Illinois, Midwest Horseshoeing School attracts students from all over the United States as well as international students.  Students are drawn by the comprehensive curriculum taught by award-winning instructors.

Why choose Midwest Horseshoeing School?

Our students study and become proficient in the major cornerstones of farriery: hoof and leg anatomy, physiology (how the hoof and leg structures interact), the trim, and the fit.  We expand within each of these cornerstones to include forging, hot shoeing, and using and maintaining blacksmithing tools.  An introduction to corrective shoeing and to starting your own business is included. Our carefully structured combination of lecture, laboratory, and practical experience insures graduates are well-rounded, well prepared farriers.

Bring your horse along!

Students attending Midwest Horseshoeing School are able to bring their horse for the course of their education. Located adjacent to MHS, The Stables on Horse Farm Road offers students either stall or pasture board.

Go to www.thestablesonhorsefarmroad.com for details.

Congratulations -
Steve Hedges, CJF TE
recipient of both the
2012 & 2013
 Outstanding Educator Award
Steve Sermersheim CJF TE, AWCF
recipient of the AFA 2013 Jim Linzy
 Outstanding Clinician of the Year
from the
American Farrier’s Association

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One-on-one time with the instructors

To see a short clip of a limb dissection in class - click picture above!

Contact: midwesthorseshoeingschool@yahoo.com
     1398 Horse Farm Rd.  Divernon, IL 62530                                                      217-697-4899